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Nursery, Preschool, Children and Youth

A note from our Preschool Department

In the preschool department, we learn about Jesus, the Creation, our Community and the World.  We learn to play together and share with each other.  We learn to listen and pray.  The most important thing we learn is how much God loves us!

A note from our Children’s Director, Cherie Hall

The Children’s Sunday School curriculum is age graded (by school grade) and relevant to today’s children.  Come and join us!  We look forward to seeing your child(ren) in our classrooms!

A note from our Youth Minister, Robby Irgang

Our goal for the Youth is for them to know Christ, own their faith, and make their faith known.

The Youth Group meets on Sunday mornings for Sunday morning Bible study where we look at the biblical perspective on topics such as worldview, love, family, self-image, etc.