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Bible Study Groups

1. Studies God's Word (Acts 2:42)
2. Participates in corporate worship (Acts 2:42)
3. Maintains a sense of awe about God (Acts 2:43)
4. Is committed to each other (Acts 2:44)
5. Cares for each other (Acts 2:45)
6. Fellowships together (Acts 2:46)
7. Praises God (Acts 2:47)
8. Evangelizes others (Acts 2:47)

Sunday Morning Bible Study Groups are one of our church's main ways of building biblical community and maturing together in Christ. These groups are open, which means you can join at any time. Groups meet at 9:15 on Sunday Mornings.


A Note from our Preschool Department

In the preschool department, we learn about Jesus, the Creation, our Community and the World.  We learn to play together and share with each other.  We learn to listen and pray.  The most important thing that we learn is how much God loves us.

Class                                                          Room                       Teacher

Bed Babies & Preschool 1                      124                          Muriel Morris

Preschool 3 & 4                                        122                          Norma Ransdell

                                                                                                        Karen Goldey

Preschool 5                                                106                          Michele Dundon


A Note from our Children's Director, Cherie Hall

The Children’s Sunday School curriculum is age-graded (by school grade) and relevant to today’s children.  Come join us!

March:  God Created the World

April:  Jesus, the Savior

May:  I Love My Family

We look forward to seeing your children in our classrooms!

Class                                                             Room                      Teacher

Grade 1& 2                                                  206                  J.F. & Cherie Hall

Grade 3-5                                                     200                 Darlene Williams


A Note from our Youth Pastor, Kaleb Phillips

The Youth Group meets on Sunday mornings for "Bible Study with Your Pals" where we look at the biblical perspective on topics such as: worldview, love, family, self-image, etc. This time is divided into High School and Middle School classes. (sometimes we have doughnuts)

         Class                                                             Room                      Teacher

Grades 6, 7, 8                                               200                    Rachel Henkle

Grades 9 - 12th                                             201                    Kaleb Phillips


Adult Groups


 Group: Young Adults

 Room: 121

 Teacher: K.D. Ingram



Class:              Robot Dinosaurs (Ages 19-29) 

Room:             215

Leader:           Kate Phillips

We are working through a N.T. Wright study on the books of Philippians and Ephesians.  Please feel free to join us!



Group: Couples 30 / 55

Room: Conference Room (Room 101)

Teacher: Amy Morgan

We are studying the MasterWork material which is Christ-centered Bible study along with a modern perspective from today’s most respected Christian leaders. Renowned authors such as Charles Swindoll, Randy Alcorn, Beth Moore, Charles Stanley, and others draw learners to a deeper level of involvement through daily personal study, weekly group interaction, and key life messages.  If you need a Sunday morning Bible Study group, we would love to have you join our discussion based Bible study.


Group: Explore The Bible   (Adults of any age or gender)

Room: 121

Teacher: Rev. Bob G. Blankenship

We have just started the book of Genesis and will continue in this book for the rest of the Quarter.  Anyone  is welcome to come monitor our study then return to your class.  If you are not in a Sunday school class we would love to have you in our class.

Group: Co-Ed Adults  All ages welcome

Room: 126

Teacher: Carol Brown

Please come and grow with us, and build a Christian relationship with others who love our Lord and Savior, Jesus.

Group: Ladies (55 / Up) - Door open to anyone.

Room: Fidelis -  127

Teacher: Irene Moss

Psalm 19:7—The law of the Lord is perfect, reviving the soul.

Proverbs 11:25—...he who refreshes others will himself be refreshed.

These two verses characterize the Fidelis class.  Come refill your vessel each week through studying God’s word and the Life Ventures curriculum with us.  Our class cares for its members, its church family and the larger community.  In the words of the author, Barbara Johnson, “I think that’s the secret to being a real friend—to always be looking for ways to encourage and refresh others.”  Our goal is to praise Jesus, our Lord and Savior, and give him all honor and glory as we learn more about Him.


Group: Ladies (50 / Up)

Room: 211

Teacher: Susan Blankenship

Explore the Bible offers a systematic and comprehensive study of scripture moving through all 66 Bible books alternating quarterly between the Old and New Testament.    We will be studying 1st & 2nd Peter and Jude:  Living Through Rough Times.   Anyone is welcome to come join our class.

Sunday Bible Study Groups and Church make a perfect fit.

Without Sunday morning groups,

It’s like you missed something important for the day,

It’s the power and energy that keeps you going Monday thru Friday.

This group or another group, you must decide,

So deep inside your soul God’s word will abide.


Group: Jim Smith’s Class(Men 55 / 75)

Room: 219

Teacher: Dan Morris

Each Sunday we offer coffee and donuts.  We have open discussion about the lesson.  This is a great class for  anyone who is interested in going deeper into the Bible.


Group: Lamplighters (Ladies 60 & Up)                 

Room: 222        

Teacher: Pat Stello

Lamplighters walk as children of light—for the fruit of the light results in all goodness, righteousness, and truth.  Ephesians 5:8-9.

We are a group of ladies from age 60 to 92 who love our God, our Jesus, and the Holy Spirit who empowers us.  In our Bible study on Sunday mornings, we use the Life Ventures book as a study guide.  We enjoy studying the Bible through open discussion of the Word.  We also are encouragers who strive to be a light to others.  We encourage anyone who is looking for a group, to join us in our Sunday morning fellowship. 

In our Bible study on Sunday mornings, we just completed our study of Women in the New Testament and on March 3rd, we will begin our study of Women from the Old Testament including:

The First Woman, Eve

Sarah & Hagar







The Shunammite Woman


The Model Wife from Proverbs 31

Our Class Motto: 

Coming together is a beginning;

Keeping together is progress;

Working together is success.


Group: Men (60 / Up)

Room: 221

Teacher: John Byars

Beginning in March, our class will be studying from the Explore the Bible series. This series examines the Bible in greater depth, devoting several lessons to each Bible book. The goal for such studies is for us to be more grounded in our knowledge of the Bible. Over the next three months, we will be looking in depth at Paul’s Pastoral Letters, 1 and 2 Timothy and Titus. Come, join us each Sunday morning.