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A message from the Adult Director

Edgewood has many adult groups meeting at 9:15 every Sunday morning.  These groups are led by excellent facilitators with many years of teaching and leading experience.  The Bible is our essential handbook as God uses His word to help us evaluate our present condition and discover ways to improve our spiritual health.

Spiritual health demands an integrated balance of connecting, growing, serving and going.

Connect– a healthy Christian connects with God in prayer and worship, relates to others in positive relationships and connects to the church.

Grow– a healthy Christian develops an increased understanding of God through His word.

Serve– a healthy Christian devotes time, talent and treasure to help other Christians in Christ’s church.

Go– Every Christian is called by Christ to go outside His church walls and tell others about Him.  Evangelism and missions are ways to go in the name of Christ.

Take a moment and browse our adult classes, and we look forward to having you visit!